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Reservations are recommended at our restaurant to ensure a table is available for your party. Advance booking is encouraged.


About Us

Authentic Taste in
Every Dish

De Luka's Restaurant & Bar stands as a cherished family establishment owned by Zdravko and Darina Talanga. Their extraordinary journey began in Croatia, where their paths intertwined from the very start. Growing up just a few doors apart, destiny led them to a lifelong bond. In 1994, their love blossomed into a marriage, and in 1999, they embarked on a voyage to the United States, where they would plant their roots and build their American dream.

Throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors, Zdravko and Darina always knew they wanted to bring Croatian cuisine to their community. They have been the proud proprietors of numerous businesses, yet their hearts longed for an extraordinary culinary venture. In pursuit of their passion, they established De Luka's, a renowned five-star restaurant that encapsulates the essence of Croatian gastronomy.

Darina, as the Executive Chef of De Luka's, infuses her culinary creations with a genuine love for cooking. Her devotion to using exclusively organic ingredients is matched only by her commitment to crafting each item from scratch. From delightful sauces to freshly baked breads, handmade pastas, and delectable desserts, Darina's masterpieces reflect her dedication to the culinary arts. She strives to make every guest's dining experience truly unforgettable, infusing every dish with her profound love and passion for food.

Zdravko and Darina are blessed with two accomplished adult children, Anna and Ivan Talanga, who have made their parents exceedingly proud. Inspired by their family's legacy, they chose to name the restaurant after their beloved grandson, Luka, who often assumes the role of "President" when he graces the establishment with his presence. In addition to Luka, the Talanga family has been blessed with another grandchild, Julian, with a third eagerly awaited.

De Luka's Restaurant & Bar is a testament to the Talanga family's enduring bond, culinary expertise, and commitment to creating a remarkable dining experience. It stands as a beacon of warmth and delight, where guests are invited to savor the rich tapestry of Croatian cuisine and wine, lovingly prepared by a family that cherishes the art of cooking and the joy it brings to others. At De Luka's, we understand the significance of every occasion, and we are dedicated to ensuring a joyous and unforgettable affair. Since our establishment in 1999, we have stood as one of the foremost venues in the region, renowned for hosting a wide array of events. As a family-owned and operated establishment, our team of professionals, exquisite cuisine, and refined ambiance combine to create a truly exceptional experience for every event. 


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